Samsung Service Center Home Appliances Repair will provides you washing machine, refrigerator, microwave oven, air conditioner and tv repair at your doorstep. 100% qualified technicians are there to fix your product problem. Contact us through mobile number or drop a mail.

Washing Machine

Front Load, Top Load, Semi-Automatic, Fully-Automatic


Single Door, Double Door, Side by Side, Dias

Microwave Oven

Solo Oven, Grill Oven, Convection Oven

Air Conditioner

Window ac, Duct ac, Split ac, Cassette ac


LCD TV, LED TV , PLASMA Televisions

Samsung service center Home Appliances Repair is one of the leading products in India in the world. What if appliances get problems? Contact our service center. It always gives service with the qualitative products to the customers. Consequently it provides repair for several home appliances like washing machine, microwave oven, air conditioner, refrigerator, TV etc. They are coming in budget range and in low cost. Products are very good at quality moreover, they provide a good warranty to their products.

About Service and Repair

Samsung service center Home Appliances Repair is fully private service center. We provide service for out of warranty appliances. Likewise we provide services on chargeable basis. Similarly Samsung Service Center cost for general service at limited price which is bearable by the customers. And also we have 24/7 hours’ service support for our customers in and around. Service engineer visits customers home to provide best service and repair. To register the complaint just call to us and management will send best technicians.

This is to say that within a couple of moments, they’re getting to undertake service for honest range of brands additionally. So our professionals solve any type of issue since they have 12 years of experience. We respond for every compliant within 24 hours in meanwhile, our professionals will arrive to your location. And also we collect reasonable chargers 350/. Our management offers best repair likewise service to our customers. Samsung Service Center Home Appliances Repair will take extreme care during repairing home appliances.

Samsung Service Center Home Appliances Repair


Now in this generation home appliances are becoming the most essential part in our daily life. Because by using washer, we can save our time. And likewise we can concentrate on other important works which are pending secure. It is so difficult to imagine daily life without washer appliance. Management is one of the biggest trusted names in the home appliances. Washer durable and also useful product nowadays.

If your washing machine get trouble. Just make a call to us or you can fill book a service form in our website. We call you back to register your compliant within short time we will send our technicians to given location. The other key point all home appliances will get repair at your door step at any time. Therefore customers can have our services by login the compliant or a call. We open 24/7 and 365 days.


FRONT LOAD: It built efficiency front loading washers are typically more valuable. They give more standard clean likewise tend to more energy and water efficient than top load. It is the best model of washer and most used washer by large number of families. The choice between the 2 honestly depends the way to use wash washer. Front load washers have the capacity to empty dryer.

TOP LOAD: The basic model of washer, it is suitable to wash clothes. It cost low comparing with the front load. Top loader washers are naturally having more qualities.

SEMI AUTOMATIC: Semi-automatic washer is a single or double door washer that washes and spins.  It has simple feature to wash clothes. The single tub designed to do all washing functions and spin requires moving the clothes from the one tub another. This model comes with two tubs one for washing and another for drying the clothes.


  1. Washer is making sounds or vibrations: Washer tub bearings may damage so, result of a bad seal might replace. Some things has blocked in the washer, that‘s why sound will come from the washer.
  2. Machine won’t run or stops in mid-cycle: In your washer door or lid replaced if damaged.
  3. Water won’t drain: washer drain should replace with new one.
  4. Water isn’t pumping out: It might simply old or have gotten damaged because some objects left in cloth during a wash. Check drain hose connectivity to the drain pipe and ensure to the washer.
  5. Washing machine is not starting: Because confine things caught between the washing machine that‘s why washing machine had not started.


Aqua energies: It helps water to get the best out of detergent powder or liquid.

4Dwash: It showers water from paddles and ensure full soaking of clothes. Water mixed with detergent and gets injected into garments with a spraying mechanism for the best wash.

Spin cycle: It considered for drying as revolution per minute, however this will depend on clothes.

Temperature control: If the washer has convector, this feature will help to adjust the temperature of water. It determines the weight of laundry and that detect time required for cleaning.

Time delay &pre-soak: Time obstruction allows loading washer and starts later.

Air dry function: This removes too much moist dirt free garments therefore involve minor drying afterward.


Refrigerator is the most efficient appliance and gives cooling effect to store the food. Firstly, Fridge must properly levelled and installed by using instructions given by maker. Secondly, the fridge comes with the two main components including the condenser and evaporator coil. Basic reason for using fridge to store kept away food.

Our service center is one of the variety service providers for the finest range of refrigerators. Service engineers are experts in providing services for top brands. We stood for one-stop solution for all models of home appliances.

We here to provide our services at the customer’s doorstep. Our service center is that the simplest doorstep service centers, we respond very quickly at any time. The technicians have huge experience and very talented in this field.


SINGLE DOOR: Due to the usage of fridge is increased in our daily life, tiny and small group of family prefers this single door fridge. They store their kept away food items in cold storages.

DOUBLE DOOR: In this fridge we can store our favorite food items, cold temperature helps food stay fresh for 2 days. When we store the food outside it will not stay longer time. To clarify this, fridges are more helpful to store food for long time.

SIDE BY SIDE DOOR: Mostly side by side fridges used for commercial purpose because availability of large storage space for cooling.


Microwave oven is a small device box which helps to cook  and warm food. If your oven creates problems just make a call us, we will send our technical team to your house. Our professional technicians can repair and service all types of oven likes solo, grill and convention. Further we give 90 day’s warranty for spare parts and subsequently 30 days warranty for regular service. We are the experts in providing best service and maintenance for prestigious brands.

Appliances that cook by means high frequency waves called microwave oven. The microwave uses diffusion which absorbed by waters, sugars and supports this absorption. When it doesn’t function properly or parts damaged, it needs proper maintenance. Severe damages also occur which we cannot obstruct. Our well-trained technician’s will repair area unit at customer’s doorstep. We offer oven repair for all brands.

Models of microwave oven:

Solo: – Solo oven is a basic model to warm food and reheat bakery items

Grill: – most of the people prefer grill. Because grill gives more taste.

Convection: – convection has all options like solo, grill and likewise has extra heating element.

Oven problems:

  • Oven is not heating: Due to magnetron failure the stove doesn’t heat.
  • Its buttons did not work: If your oven buttons did not work control panel or defective had damaged.
  • Kiln plate did not run: Oven in motor below the plate responsible for rotation panel stopped.
  • Faulty of lights: what if you want to know about the food inside. Main parts of the oven are lights. This problem occurs when the fuse of a bulb damaged may need the replacement of lights. It is hard to see objects in the dark oven, so lights are useful part of a kiln. Our management offers genuine parts and approved types of equipment.


Air conditioner is an expensive product but not only uses in summer season. Where as in winter and monsoon seasons it playing a crucial role by in built heater. It will increase the room temperature. If any inconvenience about your AC, just contact us we will send our engineers to your house. We will respond within 24 hours of customers compliant. Meanwhile our professionals will arrive to given location address within 2 hours. Our management provides genuine spare parts and 10% customer satisfaction.


Split: It contains mainly two parts. One fixed on outside wall and air conditioner placed inside home. Split ac are too accumulated on the wall they are typically used in large rooms, dimension has quite and high quality. They don’t need for window installation with the condenser and compressor.

Duct: The Duct AC mainly uses in shopping malls those attached to the ceilings with big connected pipes. They provide ultimate cooling in every inch of the corners and sides.

Cassette: Ceiling or wall mounted or suspended AC when space limited for a ducted system. The outdoor unit of Cassette AC is a dimension in the same way it would be agreement wall dimension by split system units.


TV has a crucial role in this epidemic situation, usage of TV has spiked in nowadays because more people have stayed at home. Some problems with TV like they are no picture only sound, TV installation like this they have some issues with TV. If any issue in your TV product, just do make a phone call we will send our engineers to your home. Are you facing any problem or technical issue with your TV? Such as TV will turn on from the remote but not from the cable or satellite box, TV settings tumbled up, TV picture compressed, stretched or gathered, etc.

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